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Charitable Ventures of Orange County (CVOC) fosters projects that make unique contributions to both the community and nonprofit sector. Our mission is to provide resources and fiscal services to community initiatives in our region and throughout California. Our vision is to provide emerging charitable ventures the support they need to meet the diverse needs of our communities.

About Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship enables charitable ventures to impact the community without having to invest in or wait for costly, time-consuming infrastructure.

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About Us

Our History

Charitable Ventures of Orange County (CVOC) was launched by The Olin Group as a part of its mission to encourage the growth of innovative regional nonprofits. As a for-profit consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations in Southern California, The Olin Group incorporated CVOC as a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit entity dedicated to providing fiscal sponsorship services. CVOC began in 2007 with seed funding from the Orange County Community Foundation and a commitment from The Olin Group to subsidize operations with staffing and infrastructure. CVOC provides community projects with fiscal sponsorship support, and continues to evolve inside a growing movement of fiscal sponsors dedicated to best practice and building communities through this model.

Since our founding, CVOC has sponsored more than 57 projects and a growing number of regional initiatives in Orange County and beyond. We continue to look for innovative projects and ideas that can help strengthen our communities.

Our Leadership

John L. Benner
Board Chair
Coach, Executive Coaches of Orange County
Retired Business Executive

Melinda Konoske
Board Secretary
MK Consulting Syndicate

John (Jake) C. Rohrer
Board Treasurer
Coach, Executive Service Corps, Los Angeles Chapter
Retired Business Executive
Former Member of Hoag Hospital Foundation Board

Ryan Lee Maughan
In-House Attorney, Loya Casualty Insurance Company

Jason Lacsamana
Senior Program Officer
St. Joseph Health Community Partnership Fund

Anne Olin
President & CEO
Charitable Ventures


Todd Hanson
Advisory Board member
Vice President, Center for Engaged Philanthropy
Orange County Community Foundation

Cathleen Otero
Advisory Board Member
Vice President of Donor Relations and Programs
Orange County Community Foundation

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Fiscal Sponsorship FAQs

What is fiscal sponsorship?+

Fiscal sponsorship is an activity by which a public charity, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, provides financial and programmatic oversight of unincorporated nonprofit projects, this allows those projects to receive grants and tax-exempt donations from government, foundations, and individuals.

Fiscal sponsorship is a mechanism that can be used to support innovation in the nonprofit sector. Fiscal sponsors simultaneously enable the movement of money from funders to projects, ideas and organizations, while at the same time reducing the funding necessary for administration and infrastructure investment. Fiscal sponsors give community leaders an effective way to promote change, test a theory, or pilot models of intervention without incurring the legal costs of incorporation or the full staffing costs that can burden an emerging initiative. The result is a platform that strengthens collaboration, efficiencies and brings new ideas to the market of services.
Do you sponsor projects nationally or internationally?+

We sponsor emerging charitable ventures in our region.
Is there a minimum deposit required to open my project account?+

New projects are expected to contribute a minimum of $25,000 to open an account, either in hand or committed.
Is there a minimum amount necessary to maintain the account?+

There is no account minimum, however projects utilizing W2 employees must maintain the equivalent of three months of salary for each W2 employee.
What are the fiscal sponsorship fees?+

CVOC charges a fee for services based on a percentage of deposited funds to your account. Please inquire about our fee schedule.
Are there monthly fees in addition to the percentage fee schedule?+

Yes, CVOC charges $100 per month for fiscal accounting services.
What are the types of projects you sponsor?+

CVOC provides Model A and Model C fiscal sponsorship.

Model A: Direct Project. Project belongs to CVOC and is implemented by its employees and project volunteers.

Model C: Pre Approved Grant Relationship. The project applies to CVOC for one or a series of grants and CVOC funds project only to extent that money is received from donors. Used by non 501(c)(3) project in order to raise tax-deductible support from donors, private foundations or government grants.
Is my project fund account uniquely mine or are all project funds maintained in a single bank account?+

CVOC establishes separate bank accounts for each project sponsored.


CVOC offers an array of services for charitable ventures, projects, and nonprofits. We believe that such programs greatly benefit not just from access to fiscal and planning services, but also from an advisor relationship that helps them strategically tap available resources and complete necessary legal and fiscal requirements for fundraising. Toward that end, CVOC provides nonprofit accounting services, project management services, and specific training on how to run a charitable organization according to sound nonprofit business principles. These services are detailed further below.
Funder-Driven Intitiatives

CVOC serves as a fiscal sponsor for regional funder initiatives, helping to distribute funds to regional projects in support of funder priorities. The California Endowment's Building Healthy Communities Initiative lives at CVOC and is focused on community development activities in Santa Ana. This annual initiative involves significant administrative and financial support, as it supports multiple staff and contractors and numerous activities in the community that require management.
Limited Initiatives

Many projects, such as capital campaigns, short-term planning projects, or one time fundraising events do not need on-going support and are not planning to incorporate to sustain operations. One recent example is the South Laguna Community Garden Project, a community initiative raising funds to create a permanent community garden in South Laguna Beach through the purchase of land and dedication of funds to operations.

Some projects are in the process of incorporating and are awaiting their IRS determination letter. In these instances, CVOC provides both sponsorship and incubation support to ready these projects to launch on their own. Two recent projects, Strength in Support, a Veterans mental health project, and Caterina's Club, a meal distribution program in Anaheim, both moved on from CVOC after receiving their 501(c)(3) status and continue to operate in their communities.

Current & Past Projects

360 Turnaround Youth Diversion Program
Academies for Social Entrepreneurship
Anaheim State of the City
California Network of Family Strengthening Networks
Caterina's Club
Child Creativity Lab
Child Development School @ UC Irvine
City of Santa Ana - Grants for Parks Fund
Crime Victims' Monument
DeColores Queer Orange County
Early Childhood OC
Families and Communities Together
Health Scholars
Hispanic Education Endowment Fund
Human Trafficking and Social Injustice
Inclusion Project
Independence Service Dogs Foundation
Jewish Addiction Awareness Network
The Kathi Koll Foundation
Leadership for Orange County
Madison Park Neighborhood Association
The Milt Olin Foundation
National Family Support Network
Next Up
OC Cares
OC Grantmakers
OC Opportunity Initiative
Orange County Adult Day Services Coalition
Orange County Deaf Literacy Project
Orange County Homeless Collaborative
Orange County Multifaith Alliance for Refugees
Orange County Restorative Justice and Safety Project
Orange County Women's Health Project
Partnerships for a Brighter Future
Project Kinship
Raising Teens Foundation
Red for LIFE
Resilience OC
Roadrunner and Trojan Alumni Association
San Gorgonio Outdoor Science School
Santa Ana Building Healthy Communities
Santa Ana Grants for Blocks
Santa Ana Wellness District
Schea Cotton Foundation
South Laguna Community Garden Park
Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation
Strength in Support
Workshop for Community Arts

How to Apply

All projects must receive approval from CVOC before acceptance into the program. The process for acceptance involves the following steps:

  1. Application Process: Fill out the application for services to be considered for sponsorship.
  2. Board Review: Applications are reviewed by the CVOC Board to gauge whether or not the venture, project, or nonprofit is able to be sponsored by CVOC and is in compliance with all industry regulations regarding the activities of charitable projects. There is no guarantee of acceptance.
  3. Fee & Service Agreement: Upon acceptance, CVOC will provide an agreement that details fees. The agreement must be signed by an officer or director of the venture, project, or nonprofit.
To start this process, we need to know more about your charitable mission, vision, advisory team, current funding and planned activities.

To apply, please download the PDF version and submit it via email to
or mail to:

Charitable Ventures of Orange County
Attn: Fiscal Sponsorship Application
4041 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 510
Newport Beach, CA 92660


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