Stay tuned! Charitable Ventures of Orange County is getting a new website, new name, and a new look!

PK says Good-Bye to their Old Home

Project Kinship said farewell to their Santa Ana office on 17th St. after five years.  Still located in the city of Santa Ana, Project Kinship moved in to an enormous 8,000 sq. ft. building on Broadway and Buffalo. This is a new milestone for Project Kinship and a vision come true thanks to the support from the community and its funding partners.  Executive Directors and founders of Project Kinship, Steve Kim and Mary Vu Iammarino, are excited about their new office and the future ahead of them. Project Kinship’s new space offers a place to conceptualize new and innovative ideas to create a safer and healthy Orange County, and a place for exponential growth in the near future.

Their new spacious building offers a unique opportunity for Project Kinship to run their programs smoothly and a “new hub for re-entry services”. Inside, the office is equipped with cozy furniture, pillows, and flowers. Each of their meeting rooms is designed to emulate the name of the room.  For example, the Empowerment Room serves a purpose for entered guests to feel safe, calm, and comfortable. This creative design is implying a positive message to have a mindset of “Hope”, “Empowerment”, “Healing”, and “Community”.   Not only are there a variety of meeting rooms, there is a computer lab for their workforce training program participants to use. Project Kinship is looking forward to launching Social Enterprise, a first being silk screening service for the organization. This program educates participants to create screen-printing

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JAAN's Website Launch

After two years of planning and development, JAAN launched their website in September. Visually impactful and resourceful, JAAN’s website is designed to support and speak to many different types of visitors. Visitors like families, Jewish community leaders, and clergy can explore the site and gain insight about addiction and recovery. JAAN hopes for their visitors to gain a sense of hope and connection, and realize Jewish traditions are powerful tools to combat addiction and address recovery.

JAAN and the website designers worked together to create a website that is both professional and personal. This strategic implementation became a unique, collaborative, and relevant platform to share resources, experiences, and best practices. Next up on JAAN’s list is developing a marketing strategy using social media, press releases, and mailing post cards to bring awareness of addiction existing in Jewish Communities.

Please visit and explore their website at

OC Grantmakers

The Orange County Funders Roundtable is now Orange County Grantmakers!  The rebrand is part of a larger strategy to increase their visibility, become more inclusive of the larger philanthropic community, and bring them in line with other regional organizations.

Over the last couple of years Orange County Grantmakers’ membership has grown to over 40 philanthropic and funder leaders in Orange County. With the organization growing, it was an opportunity for members to serve Orange County willingly and passionately. The Advisory Board of OC Grantmakers confirmed they want to play a larger collective role in Orange County. Thus, leading to rebranding through a new name and positioning statements to assist Orange County regional nonprofits and collaborate with funders.

OC Grantmakers believes Orange County has an outstanding philanthropic community! The theme of their recent Annual Summit was “Building Our Movement”. At the summit, many of the discussions highlighted the fact that philanthropy in Orange County is working collaboratively to address key issues like race, immigration, and equity. OC Grantmakers is ready to grow and be part of that movement.

Now that they’ve announced their new brand identity, OC Grantmakers hopes to engage funders in Orange County. OC Grantmakers recognizes the importance of giving and believes they are a “strong hub” for all types of giving. OC Grantmakers is building a supportive platform for funders and organizations to work together, share practices, and learn from each other.

You can check out their newly branded website at

Kathi Koll Foundation

We’re very excited about the launch of Kathi Koll’s new book!  Kathi is the founder of Kathi Koll Foundation. Her book is a memoir of her journey caregiving for her late husband after he had a stroke. Her book is inspirational and heartwarming. It is a story for caregivers, women, and everyone else who seem to lose hope but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

To learn more about her book and The Kathi Koll Foundation please visit and explore at