Impact. Amplified.

We are writing today to share the exciting news that in 2019 The Olin Group will partner with Charitable Ventures.

Since 2002, The Olin Group has worked with nonprofit organizations, assisting both foundations and service providers in their missions to serve our most vulnerable communities.

In support of that mission, eleven years ago, The Olin Group helped launch the nonprofit Charitable Ventures of Orange County to bolster the fiscal sponsorship and incubation services available to emerging projects in the region.

Both organizations have grown and evolved, in partnership with many of you. The Olin Group now offers a robust slate of consulting services, and Charitable Ventures has incubated 59 projects since 2007. We are proud of what we have built to-date, and we are honored to work alongside our partners to address complex social challenges.

As partner organizations, we will accelerate our efforts to strengthen regional nonprofits, incubate new ideas and pursue social innovation.  The partnership will strengthen both organizational missions; namely, under one roof, we can offer a more comprehensive, streamlined approach to the needs of the community. We will intently focus on connecting people, resources, and agencies to make a significant impact and lasting change.

As with any partnership, we will be working hard to transition operations smoothly from one platform to another.  Our commitment to our current clients is that we will maintain our standard of communication and service; our commitment to the region is that we will continue to push ourselves to evolve and grow to meet the needs of our social sector. We will share more information as we move closer to our goal.

We look forward to this evolution of our work and brand and to doing more for our community – with you.

Sometime in 2019.

To foster innovative social solutions and strengthen nonprofits on one, more sustainable platform.

The leadership of both organizations is working to consolidate services + infrastructure. Stay tuned for more news next year.