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After the Census closed on October 15, 2020, Charitable Ventures, with support from the Orange County Community Foundation, created the OC Counts Playbook to help local leaders learn from a county-wide collaborative effort and better prepare for the next decennial Census in 2030.

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A collaborative response by the Orange County philanthropic community seeking to strengthen and support community-based organizations who serve vulnerable communities most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact Assessment
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Charitable Ventures

Charitable Ventures

2020 Annual Report


A comprehensive overview of the innovative initiatives and sponsored projects working with us to bring positive social change to our communities and critical achievements in support of COVID-19 and the 2020 Census.

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Invest. Innovate. Improve.

At Charitable Ventures, we believe in creating opportunities to uplift, improve and empower those who need a boost. So, we harness experience, resources and good ideas to tackle the complex social and economic issues facing our communities.

It’s what we like to call powering the economy of good. How exactly do we do that?

By providing space for innovators to take risks and test ideas through our sponsorship and incubation offerings, and then working with them to launch and sustain their efforts.

By working with established nonprofits to build and grow their programs through quality consulting and capacity building services.

By bringing together community leaders and donors to collaborate, connect and work towards long-lasting changes in the community.

Because when needed resources and good ideas come together, everyone wins.

Change Matters.

Some people ask “Why focus on change?” The answer is simple.

Environments change. Politics change. Demographics change. Our communities and economies grow, evolve and decline. And in the wake of this constant evolution, significant and complex social challenges take hold and fester within our most vulnerable communities.

Innovative and sustainable solutions are needed to effectively address these challenges. Solutions that redefine human interactions and relationships across our communities — that do not shy away disrupting these negative cycles, and bring about much needed positive change.

Social Change is Hard. We’re Here to Make it a Little Easier.

Charitable Ventures supports and empowers community leaders in four critical ways:

Fiscal Sponsorship – Incubation – Capacity Building – Collective Impact

Our comprehensive program is designed to help nonprofits implement their vision and grow,
all while creating and powering community change.