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Announcing the Nonprofit Essentials Series In Partnership with Adelante Partners

At Charitable Ventures, our mission is to build stronger communities by strengthening the nonprofits addressing critical social challenges. Toward that goal, as part of our annual education series, we are thrilled to partner with the consultancy Adelante Partners to bring needed skills and capacity to the region’s frontline nonprofit organizations.

Adelane Partner Inc. is a one-stop shop nonprofit consulting firm that empowers its clients to soar by providing growth strategies. The firm was founded, is owned and primarily staffed by people of color. Adelante’s Team of over 25 consultants, across the nation, have all worked in nonprofits and/or foundations, and are from the communities their clients serve. All aspects of Adelante’s business and work is done through the lens of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Everyday, the Adelante Team works to advance the full potential of organizations that help our communities soar.

“Over my 15 years of working with nonprofits, as an executive director, board member, and funder, it became clear that organizations don’t have many spaces where they could be vulnerable enough to share what they don’t know. I founded Adelante Partners to change that. I am very proud that our team at Adelante works hard to ensure our clients feel comfortable to share their unique challenges, so we can work together to lift them to new heights. When the opportunity to partner with Charitable Ventures was introduced, we immediately said ‘Yes!’ because of our strong mission alignment to serve our most vulnerable communities. We hope that through this series, organizations receive valuable resources to move our communities adelante.” Said James Alva, Founder & President of Adelante Partners.

The focus of regional nonprofits – addressing inequities, healing harm, connecting those in need to services – is critical work that benefits all community members.  But most nonprofits lack the funds to build structures that can sustain their efforts; and this is especially true for smaller nonprofits that focus on reaching the most underserved.

Adelante Partners’ 8-workshop series is organized around the structures and skills needed to run effective nonprofit businesses – fundraising, staff supports, best governance practices, and targeted marketing.

“This is what we do” said Anne Olin, CEO of Charitable Ventures.  “We build up capacity and best practices in the nonprofit space.  We look for ways to collaborate and strengthen the structures critical for driving social change.  We help nonprofits raise funds. And we seek out partners to help us achieve that mission.  I’m thrilled for our new alignment with Adelante and cannot wait to connect their team of experts to our regional partners.”

The series bolsters Charitable Ventures’ larger 2023 education program, with each quarter designed to bring best practice and innovative strategies training, free, to regional nonprofits.  This year, Charitable Ventures’ workshop series will focus on Effective Fundraising, Building a Healthy and Engaged Workforce, Building Effective and Inclusive Boards, and Dynamic and Inclusive Marketing.

Charitable Ventures also offers hands-on training and other community initiatives to social impact consultants and nonprofit partners. To learn more about Charitable Ventures’ 2023 educational programming and to register for workshops, visit HERE