What Powers Us

Powering the Economy of Good is the Mission, Vision and History of Charitable Ventures

At Charitable Ventures, we understand complex social issues – and we’re not afraid to tackle them head on. We provide space for innovators to take risks and test ideas through our sponsorship and incubation offerings, working with them to launch and sustain their efforts. We help established nonprofits build and grow their programs through quality consulting and capacity building services. And we help community leaders collaborate, connect and work towards long-lasting changes in the community.

Through everything we do, we work hard to create positive social impact. We are proud to be a center for social change in Orange County.

Our Brief History

Powers Charitable Ventures

Nonprofits Play a Critical Role…

Nonprofits and the individuals behind them play a critical role in identifying and addressing the most pressing needs in our communities, and harness resources and volunteers to effectively address those needs. On the frontlines of managing the effects of social and economic changes around us, nonprofits in our region work tirelessly to ensure people don’t fall through the cracks, and can easily find the help they need.

… Yet Barriers to Success Remain

While nonprofits can be a force for positive social change, the pressure to invest in proven solutions makes the sector averse to risk taking and innovation. And all too often, scarcity of funds and other resources gives nonprofits little margin for error in fulfilling their mission. It makes them particularly vulnerable during an economic downturn.

Charitable Ventures was created to make sure nonprofits are resilient, effective and empowered so they can serve their communities when they are needed most.

By supporting the critical work of the social sector, we aim to make our community more socially, racially and economically just. We’re growing what works – one initiative at a time – through our sponsorship, incubation, and capacity building services.

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Demonstrate Transparency of a True Partnership

When Charitable Ventures accepts a project onto its platform, it commits to supporting the mission of the project and its operations as if it were its own, and demonstrates transparency with project leadership.

Manage Risk and Foster Innovation in Nonprofits

Launched to empower nonprofits, Charitable Ventures is purpose-built to help community leaders manage risk, embrace innovative solutions, and build strong programs.

Fearlessly Address the Region’s Most Pressing Issues

Through a culture that values expertise, embraces change, encourages fearless thinking, and tackles challenges with a passion to create solutions, Charitable Ventures is designed to build capacity in the social sector.

What We Believe Creates a 'Theory of Change'