Mission, Vision, History

What Charitable Ventures Offers: Sponsorship, Incubation, and Capacity Building Services

At Charitable Ventures, we understand complex social issues – and we’re not afraid to tackle them head on. We provide space for innovators to take risks and test ideas through our sponsorship and incubation offerings, working with them to launch and sustain their efforts. We help established nonprofits build and grow their programs through quality consulting and capacity building services. And we help community leaders collaborate, connect and work towards long-lasting changes in the community.

Through everything we do, we work hard to create positive social impact. We are proud to be a center for social change in Orange County.

Please take a moment to learn more about our mission, vision, history, and ‘Theory of Change’ below.


Our mission is to support and empower community leaders through capacity building, sponsorship, and incubation.


Our vision is a community in which transformative ideas and investments come together to create positive social impact.


Charitable Ventures began in 2007 with seed funding from the Orange County Community Foundation and a commitment from The Olin Group to subsidize operations with staffing and infrastructure. Charitable Ventures provides community projects with fiscal sponsorship support, and continues to evolve inside a growing movement of fiscal sponsors dedicated to best practice and building communities through this model. Since our founding, Charitable Ventures has sponsored more than 60 projects and a growing number of regional initiatives in Orange County and beyond. We continue to look for innovative projects and ideas that can help strengthen our communities.

What We Believe Creates a 'Theory of Change'


By supporting the critical work of the social sector, we aim to make our community more socially, racially and economically just. We’re growing what works – one initiative at a time – through our sponsorship, incubation, and capacity building services. Contact us to learn more!