Capacity Building Services

Charitable Ventures Helps Nonprofit Clients Address Social Challenges Through Our Capacity Building Services

In 2019, Charitable Ventures expanded its mission to include a vibrant slate of resource development, planning, evaluation, marketing and assessment activity for a growing Southern California nonprofit sector.  Our expert consultants, evaluators, grant writers and project managers are dedicated to helping our nonprofit clients address social challenges through our capacity building services.

Evaluation and Needs Assessment

Can You Prove that Your Organization is Making a Difference?

One of the best – and often overlooked – ways that nonprofits can prove impact is through evaluation and reporting on its efforts in the community.  Investing in a strategic evaluation plan and process demonstrates to funders and other stakeholders that your program is making the difference you say it is, and that you are deploying resources where it matters most.


Planning, Assessment, and Facilitation

What is Your Organization’s Plan?

Vibrant, successful organizations and initiatives all have one thing in common: they are always planning, assessing, and facilitating important strategy discussions to foster growth and change. Effective planning processes are guided by rigorous standards, but must be uniquely customized to the needs of the organization. Small nonprofits have different planning needs than larger nonprofits, and culture, leadership, mission and the policy environment all play a role in the formation of a strategic plan.


Grant Strategy, Design, and Production

Do You Have a Plan to Raise the Money You Need?

A successful grant program is critical to the sustainability and health of nonprofit organizations. Charitable Ventures helps raise millions of dollars each year for our nonprofit clients and projects. Because many nonprofits either do not have or cannot afford, an internal development team, expert and outsourced development support is an ideal alternative.


Philanthropic Services

Is Your Investment Making the Right Impact?

Serving as the public face for private and corporate philanthropy, Charitable Ventures provides administrative services and oversight for public grant cycles. We help develop strategic frameworks to guide philanthropic investment and increase social impact in our communities.

Marketing, Branding, and Communication

Are You Communicating Effectively about What You Do and Why You Do It?

Whether you are creating a stronger brand identity, meeting strategic development goals, or making a case for funding, Charitable Ventures helps nonprofits increase stakeholder investment and engagement through feasible communication strategies. Our marketing, branding, and communications services generate real returns by helping nonprofits clearly articulate their value and impact.

We bring new ideas to the social market … but we also help support tried and true nonprofits with capacity building services that help them achieve their mission. If you would like to partner with us, contact our team today.