Carol Waller
Sponsored Projects Lead

As Sponsored Projects Lead for Charitable Ventures, Carol’s focus is in developing relationships and providing guidance to fiscal projects. She is dedicated to serving the diverse communities within Orange County, facilitating non-profit projects and leaders in meeting their objectives.

Prior to her current position, Carol worked for the largest non-profit in Orange County, Goodwill Industries managing quality assurance and donor expansion. Carol has also been recognized for her technical achievements by being asked to be guest speaker for a Verizon Connect annual seminar in 2017.

Carol enjoys spending time with her family and most notably, grandchildren. She loves cooking, sightseeing, travel, and having a glass of wine and visiting with her many close friends in Texas.

Contact Information:
Tel: 714.597.6630 ext. 159
Mail: 1505 E. 17th Street, Suite 101 • Santa Ana • CA • 92705