Castle Maui Employee Relief Fund Application

Portal Open: Thursday, September 14th


The purpose of the Castle Maui Associate Recovery Fund is to provide aid to Chase ‘N Rainbows associates impacted by emergency situations. The Fund is currently making distributions to assist Chase ‘N Rainbows associates who have been impacted by the wildfires in Maui, which have been declared a qualified disaster. Associates must provide validation of need, and applications will be accepted until the funding is expended. Only Chase ‘N Rainbows associates may apply for relief payments.

This fund provides essential financial relief and recovery assistance for Chase ‘N Rainbows associates with a documented need for:

  • Financial support for loss or damage to residence due to the Maui fire disaster
  • Essential living expenses reimbursement for clothing, medications, food, and other costs related to fire loss or damage
  • Unexpected medical expenses not covered by insurance due to the Maui fire disaster

All relief payments are made and distributed by Charitable Ventures, a 501(c)(3) public charity, on behalf of the Fund.


Step One: Application

Associates must complete the application in full, including uploading all the requested documentation. Please take the time to ensure that your application and documentation is accurate and complete.

When you submit your application, an immediate screen notification will pop-up to show that your application has been received. If it does not, please contact the Fund at or by phone at (714) 597-6630 x134 and we will respond as quickly as possible to confirm receipt.

Step Two: Verification and Notice

All applications will be verified and uploaded documentation reviewed. The Fund Review Committee will prioritize payments to associates in greatest need. You will be notified of receipt of your successful application submittal at the email address you provide in your application.

Distribution decisions will be made weekly as funding continues to come in. If your application is not funded in the first round of distributions, it may be funded in subsequent rounds.

There is no guarantee of a relief payment, as the total amount of funds raised is yet undetermined.

Step Three: Fund Distribution

Once approved, awardees will receive communication of payment amount, and will receive an electronic transfer to the bank information provided on the application within 3 days. If an awardee does not have a bank, a paper check will be processed for pick up at Chase ‘N Rainbows within 5 days of approval.

If you have questions, please contact or by phone at (714) 597-6630 x134. (Available 8am – 5pm, M-F – except holidays)


Eligible Associates:

  • Full-time associates of Chase ‘N Rainbows who are employed on the date of application, OR
  • Part-time associates of Chase ‘N Rainbows who are employed on the date of application, AND
  • Your primary residence was within the areas affected by the fires, AND
  • You have experienced significant loss or damage to your property, OR
  • You have been directly impacted by the fires in other ways.

Not Eligible to Apply:

  • Temporary, contract, and non-full time or part-time Chase ‘N Rainbows.
  • Associates who reside outside of the affected areas.
  • Eligible associates who have not experienced a direct impact from the fires.
  • Eligible associates whose crisis occurred before the August fire disaster.


Funding decisions will be dependent upon the amount raised to support this relief effort. Funding decisions are made at the discretion of the Review Committee that is managed by Charitable Ventures. The amounts below provide a sense of the scope of relief available but may be subject to change.

  • Emergency Need: Associates will receive up to $2,500 if their primary residence has been rendered uninhabitable, is damaged or is completely a loss.
  • Immediate Essential Support: Associates will receive up to $1,000 if they have been faced with unexpected or increased living expenses, such as clothing, food, childcare, or other essential needs due to the fire, or are addressing property damage.
  • Support for Medical Expenses: Associates can receive up to $500 for increased medical expenses related to either physical or emotional injuries caused by the fire.


You will be asked to provide the following documentation and information in the application to be considered for funding. The committee understands the difficulty in some cases in securing these documents and will work with applicants as best as possible to complete their application.

To Document Emergency Needs: Please upload ONE OR MORE of the following documents:

    1. Photographs of damaged property or belongings of residence
    2. Copies of official reports filed with local authorities
    3. Any insurance claims filed including a summary of what has been claimed and the status of the claim
    4. Proof of residence – utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement showing primary residence within the affected areas
    5. Receipts of temporary lodging or for clothes or other essential items

To Document Essential Needs: Please upload receipts of temporary lodging, food, clothes, medicine or other essential items.

To Document Medical Expenses: Please upload medical bills and receipts, or any relevant doctor office or clinic correspondence.


Application will be available as of September 14th. The application portal will remain open until all funds have been expended.



The Castle Maui Employee Relief Fund is a fiscally sponsored Fund of Charitable Ventures, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (Federal Tax ID# 20-8756660) Charitable Ventures will serve as the administrator of this Fund. Charitable Ventures is a regional incubator and capacity builder, fostering innovative work in the region to strengthen our communities. Please review our website for further details and information.