Mission Forward Workshops

At Charitable Ventures, we have regularly scheduled co-learning opportunities that focus on nonprofit management topics to help to strengthen the work and partnerships you need to thrive. Come join us!

September's Mission Forward Series

Media Relations: How Media Partnerships Help Advance Your Mission

As we head into the fall, we are excited to announce the next installment of our Mission Forward Workshop series. This month’s session will take place on September 30 at 9:00 am on Zoom, and we are thrilled to announce our special guest speakers, Elysse James and Mike Cisneros of Cornerstone Communications.

The title of this workshop is Media Relations: How Media Partnerships Help Advance Your Mission and will focus on effective ways to engage the media, today’s media landscape in OC, and how the media can be your ally in building community support for your work. The conversation will, of course, address how nonprofits can navigate media coverage in an unprecedented environment which includes growing social engagement, increasing natural disasters, political unrest, and an ongoing pandemic.

We hope you’ll join us to lend your voice to the conversation about how we, within our organizations, can contextualize the importance of media relations – and social media! – to achieving our missions. We look forward to seeing you there!