Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Planning


Thank you for your interest in the Incubation Lab course: Sustainability Planning.

Applications extended and due by February 8th.

Space is limited to 5 projects who meet the eligibility requirements.

Please review the eligibility requirements and the terms and conditions prior to completing your application.

Course Overview

Thoughtful planning for your project’s future is a key to your success and meeting your mission goals. Small organizations have different planning needs than larger organizations, and culture, leadership, mission and the policy environment, all play a role in the formation of a strategic plan.

Charitable Venture’s Organizational Sustainability Assessment (OSA) is an online tool and analytical process based on key principles of sustainability for nonprofit organizations.

Our CV consulting team will guide you through a self-assessment of your organizational capacity, challenges, and strengths. Designed to gather input from stakeholders internal to the organization, the tool focuses on core business areas that are critical pillars for sustainability in the social sector.

Through guidance from our expert team, we will help you translate the results into personal and actionable next steps.

Course Timeline

February 4:  Participants selected and shared with CV consulting team

February 15 – March 1: Organizational Sustainability Assessment (OSA) administered

March: Sustainability plans created and revised

March 31+: Plans shared with participants

April 30: Post-course surveys due from projects

Communications with participant organizations include:

  • Individual Zoom meetings
  • Emails
  • Data collection and sharing of needed materials

Eligibility Requirements

To fully benefit from the OSA, eligible projects must:

  • Have >$50,000 in revenue
  • Have a minimum of 6 stakeholders who can participate in the assessment (Staff, Volunteers, Advisory Committee, etc.)
  • Be able to commit between 5 and 10 hours to the process across the course