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June 2021 Newsletter

  • Post published:June 3, 2021
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In June’s e-news edition, we discuss Pride Month, The District Four Arts Grant Relief Program, two new projects to our incubator, Families and Communities Together (FaCT), and much more.

Also, Anne Olin shares information on a series of podcasts from community leader Zoot Velasco, Director of the Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research at Cal State Fullerton, that explore the evolution of several nonprofit organizations he calls “Recession Stars” who actually thrived and grew from small to large after the 2008 recession. There is a wealth of information to glean from these journeys… and you can learn more about the journey of Charitable Ventures as well in this fun conversation between Zoot and Anne.   

This is a wonderful issue and you don’t want to miss it – so view the newsletter here!