Kelley Shannon
Sponsored Projects Lead

As a Sponsored Projects Lead for Charitable Ventures, Kelley focuses on supporting Fiscal Projects, including building key relationships and developing stronger nonprofits throughout Ornage County. Prior to her current position, Kelley worked for OneOC, and has also been a longtime Volunteer at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.

Kelley holds a Bachelor of Arts/Sciences degree in Art from CSULB. She has a Nonprofit Management Certificate along with Grant Writing Certification. Kelley lives in Huntington Beach along with her daughter, Emma, who also works in nonprofit, along with two cats- Angus and Max. She also enjoys hiking as much as possible and supporting the best soccer team in the world- Liverpool! YNWA!

Contact Information:
Tel: 714.597.6630 ext. 105
 1505 E. 17th Street, Suite 101 • Santa Ana • CA • 92705