Meme Trinh
Data and Evaluation Coordinator, FaCT

As a Data and Evaluation Coordinator for Charitable Ventures, Meme focuses on performing data analysis and entry, supporting data trainings, utilizing the FaCT data management system, creating necessary reports, developing and delivery evaluations tools, and provides quantitative and qualitative analysis, writing, editing, and other services.

Prior to her current position, Meme worked at West Coast University for their Innovation Department where she worked with new program deans on accreditation applications and program incubation, and was a liaison representative for innovation initiatives. Prior to this role, she was highly involved in the non-profit sector having worked with Clinic in the Park, OCAPICA, Focal Point Global, and Illumination Foundation.

Meme holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Studies and Social Policy and Public Service from the University of California, Irvine. She has a year old Husky mix named Kaipo and she enjoys assembling 3D wooden mechanical models, 3D metal models, collecting American coins and foreign currency.

Contact Information:
Tel: 714.597.6630 ext. 138
Mail: 1505 E. 17th Street, Suite 101 • Santa Ana • CA • 92705