The Charitable Ventures Approach

We Bring the Teamwork to Make the Dream Work

Every day, nonprofits and donors are faced with the challenge of making their vision a reality. Charitable Ventures is uniquely positioned to help them succeed.

Our comprehensive program is designed to help nonprofits implement their vision and grow. From back office administration to incubation and planning, to building program capacity, we have the tools, experience and know-how to power your vision for community change.

Charitable Ventures supports and empowers community leaders in four critical ways:

Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a relationship between a 501(c)3 nonprofit and an emerging project that needs administration and management, but that doesn’t yet have its own tax exempt status. Often these projects are “testing a concept” on the philanthropic market, or trying to meet a critical need in the community, and they need a safe space to do so.


While back-office operations are critical, and can get a project growing quickly, incubation is the coaching and consulting supports new projects often need to move in the right direction. Organizational development issues — like creating sustainable business and staffing models, clear and effective communications, and strong partnerships — can be the deciding factor as to whether a project struggles to launch or effectively makes an impact.

Capacity Building

We bring new ideas to the social market, but we also help support tried and true nonprofits with capacity building services that help them achieve their mission. Our consultants and experts offer support to nonprofit clients through fund development, evaluation, marketing, facilitation and many other services.

Collective Impact

Charitable Ventures plays a leadership role in Orange County, bringing community leaders together to collaborate, connect and work toward social change on a regional level. We’re currently supporting several large-scale regional initiatives focused on solving longer-term health and social development issues in Orange County.

We believe nonprofit leaders can benefit from the sponsorship, incubation, capacity building and collective impact services offered by Charitable Ventures – and that community leaders succeed when collaboration and strategic connections are fostered. Taking (managed) risks on new ideas is worth the return on investment – and necessary to power the economy of good.

Would you like new ideas and continued support for your project? Contact us! Our experts and consultants are here to empower community leaders and support innovative ideas.