At Charitable Ventures, we believe that new nonprofits — incubated with care — can become something incredible.

But we need your help.

Many potential founders get lost navigating the challenges of launching a nonprofit without clear direction or strategic action.

As one of the most respected support systems for nonprofits in the OC, we’re here to guide them as an incubator, resource, and community channel for social change. Whether it’s addressing racial equity, mental health, or crucial safety net services, we support it all through a host of unique services.

Together with leaders and changemakers across the region, we’ve successfully sponsored 86 nonprofits and counting, each generating lasting, concrete impact on communities in need. And we’re not done yet.

We’re on the lookout for investors and partners like you to join us on this journey.

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Learn how you can support emerging nonprofits lifting the health and wellbeing of our communities

Thank you for showing an interest in our work.

It’s the proactive changemakers like you that help us continue to impact lives day in and day out.

One of our team members will be in touch with you soon to talk things through. No strings attached.

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